Vittorio Mezza

composer, arranger, performer and teacher

After studying classical music, he graduated with honors in Jazz Music at the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. He follows several stages, including the Chromatic Masterclass with D. Liebman (East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania), opens the concert for the Wayne Shorter Quartet, the Peter Erskine trio and the Mike Stern Band. He plays in Canada, USA, Germany, France, Cameroon, Switzerland, Croazia, Ungheria, France, Japan, Armenia, South Africa and Australia and is invited to represent Italy at numerous Italian Cultural Institutes and Embassies around the world.

He was the only Italian pianist to perform at the Time Montreux Jazz Piano Solo Competition 2005. He has recorded many CDs as a leader and wrote several publications such as Pianogrups Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (BERBEN Editions); Birth from a bird and Memories of Love (Florestano Editions); the treatise New Improvisational Paths – Advanced Pentatonic Techniques (Libreria Universitaria), Fragments (UTORPHEUS Editions).


For the referendum Top Jazz 2006 he is included in the category of the best new Italian talents, obtaining numerous and positive reviews from the major international newspapers and magazines.

His music is heard all over the world and selected from the jazz records of the ALITALIA airlines.

The cd Vittorio Mezza Trio has ranked among the records of the year for the Jazzit Magazine’s Referendum ‘’Jazzit Award Price 2010’’.

From the United States he received the nomination as composer and performer at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2017 in Los Angeles for the following songs: AFA, from Vittorio Mezza TRIO (Abeat Records) and YOUNIQUE, from the cd MMP (Abeat Records).

As composer, arranger and pianist, he has led several projects including Dances In My Mind with Dominic Mancuso in Canada, Convergence – Mezza Ginsburg Ensemble with Mark Ginsburg in Australia and South Africa (this project was selected as Best CD of the Year in the Jazz Awards category “Best CDs of 2018” by the Indie Acoustic Project, United States of America); MMEQ and MMP with David Milzow in Germany, Napoli Jazz Songs with his Canadian trio, Vittorio Mezza Italian Trio, MP2.

Among Vittorio’s strongest talents is performing in piano solo: he played several concerts all over the world arranging both original music and whichever composition without any borders: from movie soundtracks to rock music, theatre, classical and pop music, with his deep jazz roots into tradition, he still finds the sense of his work through his personal contemporary music perspective, searching for beauty and uniqueness.

He has collaborated for many years with the Italian Rai Radio Television. Currently active in the academic field, he holds the Chair of Jazz Piano at the State Music Conservatory of Frosinone. In his career he has also teached at Conservatory of Bologna, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Mantua, Perugia, Verona and L’Aquila.





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